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Education Reform: What I want my children to learn

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Education reform is something that has been evolving for many years, and it is a way in which to make education better for everyone regardless of economic status, race, sex, or age. Reform of the education system has taken on many faces throughout the years and under different political administrations. The fact is that education is always progressing and one administration will add to its reform to better the current educational system for everyone.

Under President Obama’s education reform, or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, there is quite a bit of monies that are investing in education to make it a better overall system. The very high dollar amount is an estimated $5 billion dollars that are being invested in early childhood learning programs, which includes programs such as Head Start, and programs that are specifically for special needs children.

Moreover, this new Act gives $77 billion to reform and strengthen both elementary and secondary educational programs. Of this amount, some $48 billion is to help with state budgeting as a way of helping states stabilize their educational systems. These provisions are a way to help attract and train highly qualified teachers as well as preparing students to continue on to college. Moreover, those schools that have been notoriously low performers will have money to help improve their performance through training and other necessary interventions.

In addition, the new education reform provides a whopping $30 billion dollars in order to make college more assessable and affordable to all students. However, the focus of the new Act is on early childhood education because this is the time in a child’s life that is very formative and without the proper education to guide them, they can easily fall by the wayside. However, with stronger education in the early years, it sets the stage for students to succeed in higher educational programs because it lays a good foundation to continue education.

In addition to the monies set aside by the new Act, the education reform of the 21st century is a way to create curriculum that makes education a time of critical thinking, problem solving, and other preparatory measures to help younger students prepare for college. The reform will also include top assessment tools and as well as accountability systems that can quickly gain information in the progress of each student.

Education reform is nothing new and under most presidents’ administration in America, there is always a need to help shape and reform the education system in American. One of the reasons for this is that America falls short in areas of math and science, which is an area where students need to excel, and by offering a more challenging curriculum, it can begin to bring about children that embrace these subjects rather than running from them for fear of failure. Setting the foundation of education with younger children in the key to seeing more of them attend college in the future.

what is education reform

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